Conferences & Presentations

Roundtable on Keywords/Images in Graphic Medicine. “Keyword: Unflattening.” Graphic Medicine Conference. 2022.

“Student COVID Chronicles, Critical-Making, and Experiential Learning at Michigan State University.” Graphic Medicine Conference. 2022.

Roundtable: “Re/Building Community Through Comics Wikidata @ Michigan State University.” 4th Annual Comics Studies Society Conference. 2021.

“Arthurian Legend, Animal-Centric Illustration, and Play in David Petersen’s Mouse Guard.” 56th Annual International Congress on Medieval Studies. 2021.

“Re/Building and Recovering Comics Communities Through Wikidata @ Michigan State University.” MSU Commons: Online Communities & Transformative Justice. MSU. 2021.

Roundtable on MSU Comics Wikidata. MSU Comics Forum, MSU. 2021.

Coordinator. Graphic Possibilities Comics Wikidata Edit-a-Thon. MSU. 2020 and 2021.

Conference co-organizer. Flyover Comics Symposium. 2020.

Roundtable on “Critical Questions in Comics at Michigan State University.” Flyover Comics Symposium. 2020.

Accepted Presentation on “Arthurian Legend, Animal-Centric Illustration, and Play in David Petersen’s Mouse Guard.” 55th Annual International Congress on Medieval Studies. 2020. [Event cancelled due to COVID-19].

Accepted Roundtable on “Critical Questions in Comics at Michigan State University.” 3rd Annual Comics Studies Society Conference. 2020. [Event cancelled due to COVID-19].

““Ludic Panels and Readable Dice: Play and Interactivity in Comics, Games, and Level 101.” MSU Comics Forum. 2020.

Roundtable on “Contributing to, (re)Constructing, and Curating the Archive.” MSU Comics Forum. 2020.

“Playable Research: Level 101 and Serious Game Design.” MSU Game Studies Guild. 2020.  

“‘We Must Keep It Alive!’: Monstrous Geneologies and Archetypes in Sci-Fi/Syfy Creature Features.” Midwest Popular Culture Association. 2019.

“Roll20, Access, and Rhetorical Agency in Digital Game Spaces.” Network Detroit 2019. 2019.

“TWINE.” MSU Hub Teaching Toolkit Tailgate. 2019.

“‘What just happened?!’ Digital Storytelling, Level 101, and the 2019 Summer Data Visualization Institute.” MSU DH Locus Symposium. 2019.

“Tyrannosaurs in F-14s?!?!?!?: Childhood Make-Believe, Power, and the Visual Language of Dinosaurs in Calvin and Hobbes,” Children’s Literature Association. 2019.

“The Fearless Spaceman Spiff, Interplanetary Explorer Extraordinaire’: Dialogic Imagination, Genre Personas, and Visual Semiotics in Calvin and Hobbes.” International Comic Arts Forum. 2019.

“‘Digital Thick Description’: Feasts, Gifts, and Plenitude in Mughal Biographies and Paintings from 16th and 17th century India”, co-presented with Dr. Jyotsna Singh. Global Digital Humanities Symposium. 2019.

Lightning talk on Level 101: A Video Game about Video Games. MSU DH Locus Symposium. Fall 2018.

““‘Once uploaded, this cannot be undone’: Osmotic Studios’ Orwell as dystopian simulation of participatory surveillance.” Meaningful Play. 2018.

“Teats, Teeth, And Tentacles: Monstrous Visual Rhetoric in Stephen L. Stern and Christopher Steininger’s Beowulf: The Graphic Novel.” National Popular Culture Association. 2018.

Ultimate! Atomic! Buster!: Street Fighter Video Games as Professional Wrestling Convergence.” Midwest Popular Culture Association Conference. 2017.

“Well Done, My Dead Friend”: Humorous Macabre Through Play in Neil Gaiman’s Wayward Manor.” Children’s Literature Association Conference. 2017.

“Monochromatic Teeth, Tongues, and Tentacles: Grendel’s Mother as a Monster Perpetuating Female Gender Roles in Stephen L. Stern’s Beowulf: The Graphic Novel.” Monstrous Women in Comics Conference. 2017.

Lightning Talk, co-Presented with Shane D. Sever: “‘The Emperor Keepeth Many Feasts in the Yeare’: Digital Mapping of Time, Space, and Culture in Mughal Feasts.” Global Digital Humanities Symposium. 2017.

“Is That Real or is it Just in My Head? Both?: Chronotopal Representations of Patriarchal Villainy and the Feminist Antihero in Marvel’s Jessica Jones.” Midwest Popular Culture Association. 2016.

“The Visual Phenomenology of Pizza Dog: Subversion of Traditional Superhero Narrativity through Phenomenological Visual Rhetoric.” Midwest Popular Culture Association. 2016.

“Maus: The Father Bleeds History, but the Son Bleeds Ink:  The Visual Rhetoric of the Spiegelmans’ Familial Traumas.” Children’s Literature Association. 2016.

Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist. Trauma Victim: Tony Stark’s Trauma in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.” Midwest Popular Culture Association. 2015.

“Hmm…Let Me Look That Up Real Quick’: Navigating Ethical Quandaries in Working with International Students.” East Central Writing Center Association Conference. Panel Organizer. 2015.

“Would You Kindly Press Start? The Loss of Agency in Bioshock.” Children’s Literature Association. 2013.