1pg comics: Graphic Medicine

In the second half of the semester, students were introduced to the field of Graphic Medicine: the intersection of comics and healthcare discourse, very broadly. Several students chose to generate their own graphic medicine pieces for weekly comics, particularly in weeks 10 and 11 — that sweet spot of the semester before final projects work ramps up and just after mid-terms are returned.

These four comics demonstrate a small slice of our conversation from weeks 10-15: Gwen Comai applies the Graphic Medicine Manifesto aesthetic to defining the term, while Anna Sheahan uses comics to talk about bodily perceptions and health. Erin McDonough contributed a sequence of veterinary-based graphic medicine pieces which eventually inspired her final 12pg veterinary graphic medicine project.

Anna Sheahan
Gwen Comai
Erin McDonough, Week 10
Erin McDonough, Week 11

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