Student Exhibit: Critical-Making

This is a curated exhibit of students who created 12pg comics interrogating one of our primary comics or theories for the semester. Each student created the cover, six pages of comics, a four page critical backmatter essay, and a back cover. These comics stand as a testament of their ability to visualize their thinking about complex graphic narratives and intangible, amorphous, critical theories.

Here, students expanded on two primary trajectories of our course: Illustrated Definitions, and Graphic Reviews. This selection is significant, as each student drew literary studies and analytical close reading in demonstrable, tangible ways.

Two students delivered close readings of The Magic Fish by Trung Le Nguyen, engaging with Le Nguyen’s artistic and narrative modes in deft, poignant drawings.

Two students created reflective, personal reviews of Ellen Forney’s Marbles, a personal and seminal memoir comic that had such a profound impact on these students that they created their own critical/insightful/tremendous memoir comics.

Two students grappled with the notion of critical-making as they understood it by the end of the course; one by offering a critical review of Nick Sousanis’ Unflattening, and one offering a personal definition and meditation on the theory itself.

“Critical Makin” by Jack McClure
“Critical Review of The Magic Fish” by Sydney Logsdon
“Down the Rabbit Hole” by Mere Lucas
“A Review & Reflection of Ellen Forney’s Marbles” by Prairie Skazalski
“The Magic Fish: A Graphic Analysis” by Sydney Mullett
“We’re Supposed to Have Marbles?” by Maya Moss

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