Graphic Medicine

“Animal Husbandry” by Erin McDonough
“Please Believe Me” by Liz Vadella
“Why I Couldn’t Grow” by Brooke Scherer
“The Quick and Easy Guide to Burnout” by Julie Klein
“How to Feel Happy, Be Cool, and Grapple with Reality and Stuff” by Gwen Comai
“Sinking Ships” by Anna Sheahan

This is a curated exhibit of students who created 12pg comics about/on graphic medicine: the intersection of comics and medicine, healthcare, therapy, patient experiences, and more.

“Rhoticism Disfluent Speed Apraxia Dysarthria” by Anthony Eid
“Once A Man, Twice A Boy” by Cameryn Cass
“Up and Down” by Valentine McWilliams