Student Exhibit: Graphic Medicine

This is a curated exhibit of students who created 12pg comics about/on graphic medicine: the intersection of comics and medicine, healthcare, therapy, patient experiences, and more. Each student created the cover, six pages of comics, a four page critical backmatter essay, and a back cover.

These comics are interdisciplinary; each student grappled with how to use comics to convey some notion of medicine.

Some students created comics as a way to find catharsis or offer some therapeutic potential.

Others chose to convey complex, personal, and difficult experiences.

Most importantly, they grappled with what it means to blend the humanities and the sciences, the creative and the critical. Engage with these, and learn from them.

“Animal Husbandry” by Erin McDonough
“Please Believe Me” by Liz Vadella
“Why I Couldn’t Grow” by Brooke Scherer
“The Quick and Easy Guide to Burnout” by Julie Klein
“How to Feel Happy, Be Cool, and Grapple with Reality and Stuff” by Gwen Comai
“Sinking Ships” by Anna Sheahan
“Rhoticism Disfluent Speed Apraxia Dysarthria” by Anthony Eid
“Once A Man, Twice A Boy” by Cameryn Cass
“Up and Down” by Valentine McWilliams

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