Student Exhibit: COVID Chronicles

This is a curated exhibit of students who created 12pg comics about their own COVID-19/pandemic experiences. Each student created the cover, six pages of comics, a four page critical backmatter essay, and a back cover.

Read through these comics as testaments of resiliency.

Read them as visual representations of coping with the impossible.

Read each comic as a record of history, culture, life during the pandemic.

Read them.

“The Perseverance of Love” by Zaria Cannon
“Quarantining with the Kramers” by Claudia Kramer
“Qua(Rant)ine” by MJ Telly
“2020” by Mariah Allum
“Shards of Life” by Isabella Morris
“COVID in Christ” by Deborah Marshall
“Disentegrate” by Ceci MacLachlan
“Masks Required” by Tor Bickley
“My Pandemic Chronicles” by Sutton Magee
“777,000” by Jordan Frank
“The Continuous COVID Calamity” by Zak Vergotine
“COVID Cries” by Sophie Bartlett
“Vaccine Super Powers!” by Mary Cardinal
“COVID 19 from EL to GH” by Jack Reus

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