ENG 325 Exhibit

This exhibit represents the collective learning, efforts, and outcomes of ENG 325: Studies in Graphic Narratives, taught by PhD Candidate Justin Wigard in Fall 2021 at Michigan State University.

This course explored methods and approaches to studying graphic narratives through the critical study of three sites: Children’s & Young Adult Comics (CL/YA); Graphic Medicine (GM); and the MSU Library’s Comic Art Collection (CAC). Students learned about, then applied, three methods of critical engagement to study these graphic narratives: literary close reading; critical-making; and digital humanities.

Or, as the comics version of me might say, “In this course, we read, studied, and made comics as a way of knowing about the world!”

Featured Exhibits

These three exhibits features students’ final projects: 12pg comics that they created with critical purpose. They are curated according to content and theme. Each comic is also accompanied by a short 1-2 minute video from the creator about themselves and their comic.

Student exhibit: COVID Chronicles
Student Exhibit: Graphic Medicine
Student Exhibit: Critical-Making

Additional Student Projects

Alongside of their 12pg final projects, each student also participated in daily, weekly and mid-term critical creations. Many of these can be found below.

Student exhibit: 1pg comics
(cover art: Ceci MacLachlan)
Student Exhibit: Digital Humanities Visualizations


These resources will help provide insights into the goals of ENG 325, as well as some assorted pedagogical resources for getting started with interdisciplinary critical-making & comics in the classroom.

Pedagogy: Sample Assignments & Rubrics
About ENG 325: Outcomes and Structure