Graphic Book Review: Infinitum by Tim Fielder

Tim Fielder’s INFINITUM: An Afrofuturist Tale is an innovative and breathtaking fully-rendered graphic novel, following the life and not-death of an African warlord as he is cursed to live forever. We were lucky enough to have Tim visit our class virtually; Tim’s natural exuberance and dynamic presence brought out the best in my class, with many of my students coming away invigorated for discussion the following class period.

Students grappled with how to view the protagonist, John. A complicated conversation emerged around simultaneous sympathies and criticisms of his actions, the kind of spontaneous conversation that keeps everyone talking until five minutes after class ends.

Virtual visit from Tim Fielder in Week 3 of ENG 325!
Mariah Allum
Claudia Kramer
Anna Sheahan
Tor Bickley
Sutton Magee
Sydney Logsdon
Sophie Bartlett
Jack McClure

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