ENG 142 “Monsters and Monstrosity in Popular Media”

Course Flyer for ENG 142, Summer 2019

Course Description

This course will explore the foundations of popular literature through a specific frame of reference: the figure of the monster. You see, monsters are never just monsters, and understanding their significance will lead to a greater understanding of popular literature. In this course, we will read through works of popular literature that feature monsters, look to understand popular literature by understanding monsters, and dive into why the figure of the monster is so ubiquitous within popular literature. In essence, students will primarily learn about popular literature through analyzing monsters in different genres, across historical periods, and within a variety of mediums.

Course Materials

  • Classic/al Monsters
    • Beowulf: The Graphic Novel by Stephen L. Stern and Chris Steininger
    • “Monster Culture (Seven Theses)” by Jeffrey Jerome Cohen
  • Vampires
    • Varney the Vampyre (selected chapters)
    • ‘Salems Lot by Stephen King
  • Zombies
    • Night of the Living Dead directed by George A. Romero
    • Telltale Games: The Walking Dead
  • Aliens
    • Alien directed by Ridley Scott
    • The Thing directed by John Carpenter
  • Great Old Ones
    • Selected readings, H.P. Lovecraft
    • Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero